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Facing zillions of problem associated with helper? Try FIOHO!


All of us require a helper that can work autonomously and take initiative to do the respective household chores and get going without much of efforts from our side.

But the reality is something different.Firstly, in order to successfully manage her, you need to see her current work status. Does she take initiative while cooking, but not when it comes to cleaning? Or does she do things her own way when you are not present? Each situation will require a different action plan and you have to dedicate your entire time to manage her. And then there are zillions of problems associated with it.

FIOHO got it’s existence to cater all the need and problems of present day society and to solve the thing more prominently. Manage and monitor your helpers on the go and along with that you can also find and hire the helper of your choice as well as requirement. Pretty cool right?? Try it to know it!! There is much to FIOHO, you will explore gradually.



FIOHO: An one stop solution for all pretentious problem related to Helper’s Management


Today’s lifestyle demands precision and ease in every aspect of life. Gone are the days where hassle used to be a part of our life. Now we all want a hassle-free and easy-going life, focusing in the things that we can execute best.

Spending a good amount of time in the industry, developing software’s, We could easily sense the need of the current situation. News channels were flooded with reports related to domestic helpers.People were not at peace and a constant insecurity was always growing with time.

So to stop all the pretentious problems related to Helper’s Management, FIOHO was launched. It serves the genre of Admin and Residents distinctively, classifying the features with respect to their prolonged requirement and necessity.



Why are our domestic helpers important to us?


Unknowingly or unknowingly, if we have hired a domestic helper, we are always dependent on his/her for most our household chores. Be it doing the dishes, making chapattis for the office, filling the water bottles, dusting or folding clothes for that matter; our domestic helpers complete all the tasks with utmost ease, effortlessly.

Even if our domestic helper doesn’t show up for a single day, we panic on how things will get done and that we would have to finish the entire work, which is, more often than not, a burden for us. This is the same domestic helper whom we don’t treat equally on not one, but many occasions. We mostly take our domestic helpers for granted, knowing it’s no one but her who will always show up when we are in need of help.

If there’s a party at our home and we don’t have someone to help us out, we will just sit, confused, as to how the work will get completed; but when we have a helper, we do not need to worry about anything. She will work in a quick pace, making sure all the work gets done in the least possible time. This is the reason a domestic helper is one of the most important people in our lives. We must make sure we do our best to ease out things for them, and treat them the way they deserve!

FIOHO: The Comprehensive Domestic Helper Management Software


With FIOHO it is really easy to manage the helpers, get the easiest and convenient helper management software to get you going even when you are in hurry. This is designed to establish a benchmark in the market using latest technologies.

FIOHO is the new mainstream


Managing helpers is not an easy job. We have to be always alert and conscious of the whereabouts of our helpers. The salary and leave calculation is also an integral part of hiring a helper. It’s really difficult to track the absenteeism of a helper on a daily basis. We are really caught up with our busy schedules and to cope up with managing helpers is really a task to accomplish.

Now switch into a Comprehensive Helper Management Software


Get rid of your old school ways and methods of managing a helper. Gone are the days when we used to appoint a helper and wasted half of our energy in monitoring them and teaching them how to execute a particular work. Now, In this fast pace, we don’t have patience nor time to follow our helper wherever she goes inside the house.

FIOHO aims for nothing but the best for Residents


GenX Escalade Cloudsuite  has recently designed and developed a new helper management software to find, connect, hire and manage helpers on the go. This is for the first time in India that residents will  get the privilege of  all the necessities in one application.

FIOHO- The Necessity of every household


In this modern era, we cannot even think of leading life without helper. Although with the latest technology we can windup our household chores really soon.  But we cannot even deny the fact that using these machine also require time and effort which is really a task for people now-a-days.



FIOHO is a cumulative Helper Management Software to connect, hire, find and improve the way of managing Helpers. As we are setting foot in the market with this unique idea, we have some complimentary offer for our customers. Bag amazing offers by FIOHO and enjoy the services effortlessly. Grab the exclusive FIOHO offer and experience hassle-free service. Make sure you subscribe at the earliest as your discounts are just a click away!

FIOHO Requests Equal Respect For All Jobs

We all know that having a domestic helper, maid, cook, driver, and watchman to help out at home is not at all uncommon in India, even for middle-class families its quite common now-a-days. We have also seen and experienced how these helpers are treated like untouchables. They have to sit on the floor while the family sits on couches.
When we collectively learn to stop valuing people and judge them on the basis of how they dress, how much they earn, or what kinds of jobs they are into ,We’ll become the kind of society that horribly ill-treat it’s domestic help which we clearly wouldn’t want to happen. Right?
Dignity of domestic help is as much as we behold because humanity is above all. Nature and behavior is the change that you can bring in to the society and for the rest, FIOHO explicitly marks a revolutionary change in helper management.

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