Sunday, February 18, 2018
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Have an eye on your helpers!


Incidents based on domestic helpers have been taking place every now and then and no suitable system has come up to put a check on such incidents. With a number of products in line, FIOHO is looking forward to playing its part and making a bit of a revolution in the domestic space.

Instant helper for a party!


Ms. Gupta recently hosted a birthday party at her place. When she started preparing for the party, she realised the work will not get completed by the end of the day if she works on it alone. She instantly picked her phone and posted requirement for a domestic helper. With just a click, she received details of a few domestic helpers available in her locality. She chose the one and with her help, she could complete all her work before time.

Why FIOHO is a must-have for all residents?


With a number of products as well as services being provided by FIOHO, Find Information On helpers Online, it makes sure every resident who has availed the service stays stress free and transfers all the domestic help related responsibilities to FIOHO. Every single feature of FIOHO like Cloud based application and being Aadhaar verified are the basic necessities when it comes to hiring a professional helper so that they can be trusted easily by the resident.

Quite a relief for all residing in Delhi NCR, FIOHO to make life more easier for us!


There was a time when we had to walk all over the colony and beg a maid to work for us. Because in between work and taking care of tons of other things, managing our houses is difficult. We all know that struggle. Most of us have been through that.

Let no corner of the residence stay unnoticed!


Many times, some corners of our residence stay unnoticed and these corners become the source of theft or any mishappening for that matter. These corners need to be looked upon with proper scrutiny and security needs to be provided. As these places in the society often become the breeding ground for crime, FIO-FI Smart Guard, a product of FIOHO would be installed at such places.

FIOHO is an one go platform catering to all your maid and security needs.


Didi aj nai aungi, kuch zaruri kam hai !! This everyday ka excuse is quite common for us right??

FIOHO is an initiative to fill the gap between employers and helpers!


In a country like India, the problem of managing domestic helpers gets worsened as this sector fails to come under the jurisdiction of any ministry or an organization.

Cloud technology for residents and helpers!


Owing to the technical advancements and increased application of Cloud technology, we’ve come up with FIOHO, Find Information On Helpers Online which is a unique platform to bridge the gap between the residents and the domestic helpers.

Cheers to the new initiative taken by FIOHO!!


Organizing domestic workers in India has been a huge challenge as their work places are inaccessible and multiple.

Managing domestic helpers has never been easier!


GenX CloudSuite has come up with a Cloud based application named FIOHO which not only takes care of the residents and their security but also makes sure that every domestic helper entering the residence is professional in attitude and has been verified thoroughly.

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