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End the blame game with FIOHO!


Many women who work at our households and make our lives easier, come from under-privileged backgrounds. Most are uneducated and domestic work is the only source of  their income.

Many people in our society take advantage of the living conditions of domestic workers and treat them in cruel ways. They are beaten up, not fed properly and are spoken with utmost disrespect. This kind of treatment is so common, that we choose to ignore the incidents happening in and around us.

There are also cases of other way round, where the employers are blackmailed, tortured, robbed and eventually murdered.

Just assuming the culprit or victim is not what we are supposed to do and it’s not acceptable for our own safety and security as well as for our domestic help. Let’s be alert and end the blame game that we play with our helpers every single day.

How about FIOHO? Track them, monitor them and manage them on the go with our live camera facility. FIOHO offers a wide range of variety in security solutions to avoid such unpleasant circumstances.

Launching in a while. Stay tuned.