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An insight into how domestic helpers are registered with FIOHO


FIOHO, Find Information On Helpers Online is a cloud based application which looks into matter related to domestic helpers. From finding the right domestic helper to generating an automated salary report, everything is taken care of by FIOHO. When it comes to the residents, all they need to do in order to find a domestic helper is post a job requirement. Having said this, there is a lot of homework which is done on FIOHO’s end so that all the residents can access professional domestic helpers and all this is done even before a resident registers himself on the portal/application.

To make sure every domestic helper is professional in outlook, FIOHO goes through a well defined process. The first step includes verifying the Aadhaar number of the domestic helper. Once the verification is done and the identity of the helper is confirmed, FIOHO allots the helper a FIO-FI Smart Card which provides him/her the access to the residence he has been hired for.

Biometric machine, called FIO-FI Smart Access is installed on the entry gate of the residence. This machine would mark the entry and exit timings of the domestic helpers and would keep a detailed record of their punctuality and professionalism. The timings being noted here become a major part of the Report which is generated by the end of every month.

This implies that FIOHO is a lot more than what is experienced by the residents. Not only this, if the resident asks for a detailed verification of the domestic helper, FIOHO also provides verification on the basis of KYC documents and past criminal records. For FIOHO, the safety and security of the residents is the topmost priority and this application is a step towards achieving the same.