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Find and Hire a Domestic Helper !


FIOHO brings you a number of products and services to ensure your safety and security. Hiring a professional domestic helper is one of them. FIOHO makes sure it offers Aadhaar verified domestic helpers to the residents. In order to avail the service of a domestic helper, all a resident needs to do is post a job requirement on the cloud based mobile application, and consider the work done!

Once the requirement has been posted, FIOHO notifies the residents of the nearest domestic helpers. Also, it ensures that these domestic helpers abide by the time and work requirements set by the residents. This process makes hiring a domestic helper the easiest. The resident gets to choose from a number of options available.

After hiring a helper, if the resident wishes, background verification of the helper can be processed. It takes into account a thorough check of KYC documents and past criminal records, if any. The verification takes 7-10 days to get processed. It imparts a sense of trust and reliability in the residents towards the domestic helper.

Hiring a domestic helper has an extra dimension added to it, i.e. Instant Helper. If a resident is looking forward to having a domestic helper on an immediate basis, he/she can avail the service using FIOHO application. The details of the nearest domestic helper will be displayed on the screen and the resident can contact the one they seem fit for the job. Hence, FIOHO is an application which works in multiple dimensions, the ultimate aim being assuring security of the residents.