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FIOHO- A stepping stone to one’s security!


The access to a residence should never be easy and with advanced technology coming up, why should it anyhow be! FIOHO is going to launch a product which makes sure that whoever enters the residence of the registered user is authorized and authenticated.

Even the domestic helpers would be approved by the product before they are registered to work. This approval comes into place post Aadhaar verification as well as background check which includes KYC documents and a thorough check of past criminal record. FIOHO believes that it’s high time we take utmost care of who is entering our home and for what purpose. Cases aren’t less where strangers enter home and end up stealing quite a lot of expensive stuff, even harming the residents in most of the cases.

No resident would be willing to jeopardize his/her security. So what are we all waiting for? A similar incident which would open our eyes and make us realise how important we are for ourselves? I believe absolutely no. FIOHO is a stepping stone towards making sure all people are safe and secure. Let’s make this step a successful one!