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FIOHO is the new mainstream


Managing helpers is not an easy job. We have to be always alert and conscious of the whereabouts of our helpers. The salary and leave calculation is also an integral part of hiring a helper. It’s really difficult to track the absenteeism of a helper on a daily basis. We are really caught up with our busy schedules and to cope up with managing helpers is really a task to accomplish.
FIOHO has come a long way in pacifying the messed up situation faced by our household. FIOHO was designed and developed to cater all helper related needs from the scratch.
However, as we know there are many agencies which provide helper but are not authorized and mostly wind-up when emergency situation arise, as the provided helpers are not authenticated as they promise. FIOHO is no way similar to such agencies, we are a platform which meets the end to end need after hiring a helper and we offer you a platform to authorize the hired helper.