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FIOHO Products to ensure safety and security of residents !


FIOHO aims safety and security of the residents and all its products as well as services target the same. One of these products is FIO-FI Smart Access which is a biometric machine that would facilitate exact timings of entry and exit of the domestic helpers. In addition to this, it would also generate a report by the end of every month which would have the automated salary of the domestic helper. This salary would be calculated by the machine itself corresponding to the number of days he/she was present at work.

Another product of FIOHO which aims proper scrutiny of the residence is FIO-FI Smart Guard. It is a CCTV Camera which would be installed at the entry gate of the residence and also at the prime locations inside the residence. This camera would record the entries being made to the house, making sure the person offering the services is the domestic helper and not any substitute or alternative.

Both these products are installed taking into consideration the requirements of the residents, offering them various options to make sure they are secure and safe. There are other products and services which will be launched really soon. FIOHO is a step towards assuring safety of our closed ones, so that when they stay at peace, we do too.