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FIOHO Requests Equal Respect For All Jobs

We all know that having a domestic helper, maid, cook, driver, and watchman to help out at home is not at all uncommon in India, even for middle-class families its quite common now-a-days. We have also seen and experienced how these helpers are treated like untouchables. They have to sit on the floor while the family sits on couches.
When we collectively learn to stop valuing people and judge them on the basis of how they dress, how much they earn, or what kinds of jobs they are into ,We’ll become the kind of society that horribly ill-treat it’s domestic help which we clearly wouldn’t want to happen. Right?
Dignity of domestic help is as much as we behold because humanity is above all. Nature and behavior is the change that you can bring in to the society and for the rest, FIOHO explicitly marks a revolutionary change in helper management.