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FIOHO- The Necessity of every household


In this modern era, we cannot even think of leading life without helper. Although with the latest technology we can windup our household chores really soon.  But we cannot even deny the fact that using these machine also require time and effort which is really a task for people now-a-days.

But there are million  problems when it comes to hiring and managing the helpers. Also, the fact that there are not many platform to  take care of resident’s need. FIOHO is a brain child of  Mr. Jetesh Prasher and Mr. Ankur Sharma which took some time to get designed and developed to take care of all the day-to-day requisites of all residents.

FIOHO is about to launch in the market really soon with some of its unique feature to provide the people exactly what they have dreamt of. May be better than that! 🙂