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FIOHO : The reliable helper management software!


Hiring domestic helpers in India is way more complicated than hiring any other resources for your work. Not that there are lack of domestic helpers but the bar set for our requirement are way higher and the entire process for hiring involves lots of cross-checks and verification.

If you are planning to hire a domestic helper who can help you with day to day domestic tasks at your home and wondering what to look for then – FIOHO is there for your assistance.

Since there are lots of options like full time maids, part time maids, live in maids it may be difficult for you to take a call. FIOHO has a complete database of helpers and it suggest you the helpers nearby your nearest location.

While hiring a helper the best and convenient thing according to you is to ask your neighbor, close friends and family to refer someone they know personally. Trust is of highest importance when hiring helpers in and hence hiring from references is probably not the best thing to do.

Hiring helpers who are fully verified and pass several rounds of verification can make our life easier as in a way this is the only process which can make us feel secure and safe.