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‘Kamwali bai’ or ‘Calmwali bai’?


You are well acquainted with the feeling, when the doorbell rings in the morning and your helper walks in putting all your fears and anxiety  to rest and instantly assuring you that everything gonna be okay. The relief that you feel when you see your domestic helper walk in, well nothing comes close to that. Right? No one can calm you down like she does, that’s why she’s called the ‘Calm Wali’. 😉

Each time you get a call from your maid early in the morning you freak out. Because early morning call from the maid means that she is not coming for that day. And that automatically changes your schedule for  the entire day. Plus the long long vacation that she has to go for, at least once a year, leaving you with no alternative  makes our busy lives even more inappropriate.

Security issues with maid? No options for Part time or full time maid? We have it all, just download the FIOHO application and select your desired helper from a database of more than thousand alternatives. And enjoy the hassle free life like never before.

Keep calm!! Launching soon!!