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Let’s take a step towards reducing theft cases!


We find news of theft every now and then. Always trying to stay safe and secure from the thieves, what have we actually done to make sure their every attempt goes unsuccessful? Nothing much has been done in this regard but now with the new FIOHO product, we have finally taken a step towards addressing the issue. This product has been thought of and then manufactured keeping the idea of security in mind and making sure the common mass is able to seek out help from the same.

When finding an opportunity, a thief could have narrowed down your place of residence, and he would never even have a tiny realization that he will get caught even before attempting the same. With a revolutionary FIOHO product known as FIO-FI Smart Sense, it doesn’t let the thief in, an unauthorized person wishing to enter the house. In addition to this, the product also lets all people enter the house only after prior permission which can be given only by the registered users of the residence.

Having said that, as soon as the thief tries to barge in, an alarm, placed on the doors and windows of the house will ring, indicating the presence of an unauthorized person. Alerting the residents of the house, it also makes an effort to frighten the thief which could result in an unsuccessful attempt. This product has been manufactured with a motive to make every attempt an unsuccessful one, so that your loved ones can have a peaceful time, when at home.