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Now switch into a Comprehensive Helper Management Software


Get rid of your old school ways and methods of managing a helper. Gone are the days when we used to appoint a helper and wasted half of our energy in monitoring them and teaching them how to execute a particular work. Now, In this fast pace, we don’t have patience nor time to follow our helper wherever she goes inside the house.

Now with FIOHO get a secure and hassle-free life. Manage their in and out time, salary and leave calculation etc. In addition, whichever problem gets associated with hiring a helper can be solved by FIOHO. It is designed and developed to compete with the urban lifestyle where no one can spare time for household chores. It’s said and done that household chores are taken care of by domestic helpers but the problems faced trying to manage them all day long is another big task.

FIOHO is an all in one solution to cater the domestic helper needs. From hiring to managing a helper, FIOHO does it all.