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How to retain your domestic help?


If you want to retain your domestic helper then just trust them. Take the basic precautions and be vigilant, but  not in a cautious way .We are so dependent on our  domestic help, so let us aim to generate some goodwill by treating them in a better way.

With FIOHO get your helpers verified!


Most of us employ a domestic helper to take care of housework so we can focus our attention on other things. To be a responsible employer, we need to fulfill the legal obligations required to ensure our domestic helpers are fully authenticated and verified.

FIOHO Products to ensure safety and security of residents !


FIOHO aims safety and security of the residents and all its products as well as services target the same. One of these products is FIO-FI Smart Access which is a biometric machine that would facilitate exact timings of entry and exit of the domestic helpers. In addition to this, it would also generate a report by the end of every month which would have the automated salary of the domestic helper. This salary would be calculated by the machine itself corresponding to the number of days he/she was present at work.

Find and Hire a Domestic Helper !


FIOHO brings you a number of products and services to ensure your safety and security. Hiring a professional domestic helper is one of them. FIOHO makes sure it offers Aadhaar verified domestic helpers to the residents. In order to avail the service of a domestic helper, all a resident needs to do is post a job requirement on the cloud based mobile application, and consider the work done!

FIOHO – An Introduction To Effortless Helper Management!


GenX CloudSuite is all geared up to launch FIOHO – A Helper Management Software . It is an all in one Helper Management Software to face and overcome the biggest problem of finding,connecting and managing helpers.

An insight into how domestic helpers are registered with FIOHO


FIOHO, Find Information On Helpers Online is a cloud based application which looks into matter related to domestic helpers. From finding the right domestic helper to generating an automated salary report, everything is taken care of by FIOHO. When it comes to the residents, all they need to do in order to find a domestic helper is post a job requirement. Having said this, there is a lot of homework which is done on FIOHO’s end so that all the residents can access professional domestic helpers and all this is done even before a resident registers himself on the portal/application.

Wish to virtually handle your domestic helper?


Ms. Sharma is a working lady very committed to her work requirements and though she has a family to take care of, she has never compromised her work for anything. Recently, she shifted to a new house but because of her work requirements, she couldn’t manage even a day off to look after her home. It was then that one of her colleagues suggested her FIOHO and she thought to give it a try.

Why every residence needs FIOHO ?


A residence has innumerable responsibilities to be handled, be it getting it cleaned, cooking or washing clothes. Every small task counts and all these tasks accumulate to become one big responsibility which needs a designated person to take the charge.

FIOHO : The reliable helper management software!


Hiring domestic helpers in India is way more complicated than hiring any other resources for your work. Not that there are lack of domestic helpers but the bar set for our requirement are way higher and the entire process for hiring involves lots of cross-checks and verification.

Why is background check necessary for hiring domestic helpers ?


We come across many cases where the domestic helper ends up robbing everything at the residence and it’s then that the residents realise they shouldn’t have hired the domestic helper without any homework being done on their part. No matter how important it is to hire a domestic helper, we should never take any step in a hurry, be it hiring a helper.

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