Monday, March 8, 2021
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FIOHO : Domestic Helper Management Software


You just hate the way she rings the doorbell every morning! And you have to walk to the entrance and open the door for her. You don’t want to give her a reason to skip your house either, neither she is ready to change the timing being totally packed with her schedule.

A little effort can create wonders!


We as a resident, have a right to feel secure. But by and large, we have not accepted domestic staff as workers with rights. In general, Our mindsets of treating them as servants still prevail among us, this has come out very clearly by encountering the number of cases happening around us. We expect them to do extra work, come at odd hours and moreover no leaves are granted. If employers can consider them workers and not see them a servants, we may not have these issues. We talk about others being violent and brutal how about willing to look within.

People say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. A little effort can create wonders.

FIOHO- A stepping stone to one’s security!


The access to a residence should never be easy and with advanced technology coming up, why should it anyhow be! FIOHO is going to launch a product which makes sure that whoever enters the residence of the registered user is authorized and authenticated.

Let’s take a step towards reducing theft cases!


We find news of theft every now and then. Always trying to stay safe and secure from the thieves, what have we actually done to make sure their every attempt goes unsuccessful? Nothing much has been done in this regard but now with the new FIOHO product, we have finally taken a step towards addressing the issue. This product has been thought of and then manufactured keeping the idea of security in mind and making sure the common mass is able to seek out help from the same.

Domestic Helper-A world of difference


Training your domestic helper can be tough and time-consuming. Now, find trained and experienced domestic helpers through FIOHO. This makes it much easier to find the right fit for your family .After having employed a domestic helper, many employers feel like they cannot do without helpers. And as we all know, having the right person means a world of difference.

With RED SWITCH, let your worries take a back seat!


With a very important meeting scheduled to be held in the second half of the day, Shruti was very tensed with the fact that she will have to leave her kids alone at home. The meeting was scheduled on an urgent basis and hence she had no backup where she could drop her kids while she would be out for the meeting.

End the blame game with FIOHO!


Many women who work at our households and make our lives easier, come from under-privileged backgrounds. Most are uneducated and domestic work is the only source of  their income.

Bag the amazing offers by FIOHO!


Grab the exclusive FIOHO offer and experience hassle-free service. All the products and services can be availed with nothing more than a click. In addition to this, the mobile application of FIOHO has been designed in a way that makes it easy for the residents as well the domestic helpers to use it and access all that they wish to.

‘Kamwali bai’ or ‘Calmwali bai’?


You are well acquainted with the feeling, when the doorbell rings in the morning and your helper walks in putting all your fears and anxiety  to rest and instantly assuring you that everything gonna be okay. The relief that you feel when you see your domestic helper walk in, well nothing comes close to that. Right? No one can calm you down like she does, that’s why she’s called the ‘Calm Wali’. 😉

HELPDEX- New generation database of helpers!


Recently, Mr. Kapoor rented a new place and was looking for a domestic helper. Being very particular about his household chores and cleanliness, he was sure to hire someone who had a good background and was keen to work on his terms, like salary and time schedule. His odd working hours made him compromise on his need of a domestic helper and to hire someone at the point of time was his priority.

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