Monday, March 8, 2021
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FIOHO is an initiative to fill the gap between employers and helpers!


In a country like India, the problem of managing domestic helpers gets worsened as this sector fails to come under the jurisdiction of any ministry or an organization.

Cloud technology for residents and helpers!


Owing to the technical advancements and increased application of Cloud technology, we’ve come up with FIOHO, Find Information On Helpers Online which is a unique platform to bridge the gap between the residents and the domestic helpers.

Cheers to the new initiative taken by FIOHO!!


Organizing domestic workers in India has been a huge challenge as their work places are inaccessible and multiple.

Managing domestic helpers has never been easier!


GenX CloudSuite has come up with a Cloud based application named FIOHO which not only takes care of the residents and their security but also makes sure that every domestic helper entering the residence is professional in attitude and has been verified thoroughly.

Good things take time; stay updated; FIOHO will be launched soon.


GenX CloudSuite is all ready to launch its new product named FIOHO across Delhi/NCR and this super product is designed and developed to meet the needs of all the superwomen out there. 

Let FIOHO assist you in managing your domestic helpers!


To which extent do you trust your maid? Can you allow her to enter your home even in your absence? Do you rely on her for all your work, believing all that she does is satisfactory with no room for improvements?

What should be the reasonable boundary between an employer and their domestic helper?


What kind of relationship should an employer have with a domestic helper? Obviously, this is not an easy question to answer. Most of the employers would try their best to get along with their helper, and build a relationship  with mutual trust and understanding to enhance the daily communication with helpers. But what should be the reasonable boundary between an employer and their domestic helper?

Has the thought of home security been keeping a check on your personal space?


Leaving our home for a family function always leaves us with a doubt and concern for security. We wish to enjoy the function wholeheartedly but fail to do so as our mind stays back at home. Until and unless we reach home, we can’t stay content with the idea of home security.

If you are hoping to manage and track your helpers along with smart security solutions ,try FIOHO.


Residents as a whole are now helpless and being targeted by advance organizations or cheated by helper providing agencies  because they don’t provide the services as promised. In what manner will the expanding misrepresentation be stopped ?

Facing issues in finding a good domestic helper?


If you have just shifted to another city, or even another locality for that matter, you must be facing issues in finding a good domestic helper. Above all this, if you are looking for a trustworthy helper, then it would definitely take double the time and double the efforts.

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