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Why every residence needs FIOHO ?


A residence has innumerable responsibilities to be handled, be it getting it cleaned, cooking or washing clothes. Every small task counts and all these tasks accumulate to become one big responsibility which needs a designated person to take the charge.

The work is definitely not easy and to manage someone who will manage all these taks is another job which needs to be taken care of. This is where FIOHO steps in. FIOHO manages the domestic helper who takes care of the entire household chores, making sure it becomes a perfect place to live in. Every resident would wish to have a domestic helper who does it all and that too effortlessly so that they need not think even twice before assigning him/her any job.

To find the domestic helper who would fit into the work system of a resident, FIOHO offers the service through a database called HelperDEX. It makes sure when you post a job requirement online for a domestic helper, it finds out the most suitable helper/s for you and displays their names and details. It takes into account their locaility, salary, work experience and especially the time slots. Time is the one most important factor when it comes to urbanites. All these factors have been taken care of so that the residents stay assured of their home and their domestic helper, with the help of FIOHO!