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Why FIOHO is a must-have for all residents?


With a number of products as well as services being provided by FIOHO, Find Information On helpers Online, it makes sure every resident who has availed the service stays stress free and transfers all the domestic help related responsibilities to FIOHO. Every single feature of FIOHO like Cloud based application and being Aadhaar verified are the basic necessities when it comes to hiring a professional helper so that they can be trusted easily by the resident.

Keeping track of the domestic helpers, FIOHO takes into account the fact that to keep everything transparent is as important for the helpers as it is for the residents so that the former cannot be falsely accused of any crime or mishappening in the house. Hence, this application works on both sides, beautifying the relationship of a resident and a domestic helper.

The fact that all of this can be managed and controlled with nothing but a mobile application makes the entire process the easiest. The resident can avail all the services with just a click, be it hiring a domestic helper instantly, making payments, getting to know where the helper is in real-time or checking their attendance. Every product is synced with the Cloud based application, making the application super user friendly and easily accessible.