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Why is background check necessary for hiring domestic helpers ?


We come across many cases where the domestic helper ends up robbing everything at the residence and it’s then that the residents realise they shouldn’t have hired the domestic helper without any homework being done on their part. No matter how important it is to hire a domestic helper, we should never take any step in a hurry, be it hiring a helper.

When we do not permit any stranger in the house, how can we even allow a domestic helper to work in our residential premises without knowing him/her properly? Even if we don’t know everything about the helper, we must at least take a step towards verifying their identity; this is the minimum that we can do towards assuring safety and security to our closed ones. Only when we will be aware of the background of the helper, we will be able to trust him/her on our daily chores, especially for the working professionals who have hardly some time to take care of the home.

Taking a step towards assuring security to the residents who look forward to hiring a domestic helper, FIOHO has come into existence. With a number of products and services to take care of the security of the residents, even the domestic helpers for that matter, the products and services of FIOHO have been diligently designed and developed, focusing the present scenario of provision of domestic helpers.

Having said that, FIOHO makes sure all the domestic helpers being registered are Aadhaar verified and are even checked for KYC documents and past criminal records. This verification helps the residents hire the domestic helper with much ease.