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With RED SWITCH, let your worries take a back seat!


With a very important meeting scheduled to be held in the second half of the day, Shruti was very tensed with the fact that she will have to leave her kids alone at home. The meeting was scheduled on an urgent basis and hence she had no backup where she could drop her kids while she would be out for the meeting.

Also, even if she had an option, she would always prefer to let her kids stay at home, not being a burden on the friends or the relatives as they too have many things to look forward to.

Soon then, she got to know about FIOHO from one of her friends, and though FIOHO wasn’t new to her, she was unaware of the facility of RED SWITCH. This Red Switch is placed at your home and in case of an emergency, all you need to do is press the button so that your near and dear ones would get intimated and you would seek help from them.

For the next meeting, she knew exactly what she needs to do. She installed FIOHO on her mobile phone and made sure her kids are at home and equally safe to be left alone for hours.