We Protect Before You Connect


Are helpers background checked?

Get the KYC, criminal and background verification of your helpers through FIOHO. When selecting a helper one of the most important things is to look background verification along with good reviews from their past customers.

Where is my helper coming from?

When you provide your location, we will only show you helpers that cover your area.

What happens if the helper hurts themselves on the job?

All helpers state that they will not hold their customers liable for injuries. We also recommend that you discuss any such concerns directly with the helper you select; most will also be willing to sign a release of liability for you upon request.


How do I know who is available?

Found a perfect Helper? Book them! Immediately after you place your reservation, you'll get their primary contact information.


Why is the rate so much lower/higher than other places?

FIOHO is independently owned and operates and sets it’s own rates. Rates also change depending on the competition within a given marketplace.

Can I change the date of the job?

To change the job date, first contact your helper. And just send us an email letting us know about the date change. If not, let them know you're canceling the job and go through the database to arrange a new helper.


Can anyone leave a review?

If you booked them through FIOHO, you'll be able to leave a review. On www.fioho.com the reviews you see are unfiltered, real reviews from people who booked their helpers on this website.

Does my review have to be public?

Yes. All reviews are posted on the helper's profile is public.

What information is posted alongside my review?

Your first name, last initial, and the city.

Can my helper ask me to change my review?

Politely. If you've left a negative review, the helper may contact you and try and resolve the issue. You'll be able to edit your review if you choose to do so.

Are there any circumstances FIOHO would edit or remove my review?

Very few. If your review contains intense profanity, blatant racism, etc. we reserve the right to remove it.


How does my helper get paid?

You can just hire helpers and manage them via FIOHO, payment will be given or handed over to helper itself after hiring.

What are your policies regarding privacy and spam?

We hate spam as much as you do and we'll never share your email address to marketers. We take security seriously. Here's our full privacy policy.