We Protect Before You Connect


This policy governs the use of the web pages at www.fioho.com and all its associated services and web pages.

Message Recipient Policy

Any recipient of the email or message may request at any time to be removed from the concerned list. The request will be worked on at the earliest. In case any allegation is made by any of the recipients, we would look into that unsolicited message or email, as the case may be.

For us, user privacy holds high importance and we support the protection of the user and his/her rights. For us, the user is the most important part of FIOHO, hence, everything is taken care of to the core. We do admit that all our users are integral parts of our journey and our success totally depends on their faith on us and our products as well as the services.

We prohibit any advertising of our brand using unasked emailed and messages. If you go through any webpage which promotes us with the help of unsolicited emails, you may contact us. We will immediately investigate all allegations made related to unsolicited messages and would take an action towards the same.

Your details are confidential

All the details of the user are confidential and are absolutely safe with us. Each email that is sent from www.fioho.com is directly sent to him/her and no other person is involved in the process. The user may opt to unsubscribe at any point of time, according to his/her requirements.

Changes to this policy

In case there is any change to this Policy, we would update the page. We may amend this policy at any point of time by publishing a new version on this website. You need to check our website for any such change.